Seminar #3:

"Opportunities and risks of social media for regional development"


  • What is social media
  • How is social media currently used in the B2B sector
  • Which potential does it have for regional development
  • How do different Economic Development Organisations (EDOs) from different countries use social media
  • What is crucial for the success of social media campaigns
  • Which online platform is the best for each EDO
  • Where are the threats of social media
  • How can I ensure my future success 
Our goals:

Our goal is to inform our participants about the latest trends and challenges of social media, to help them plan highly effective campaigns. The learned know-how supports our clients by developing marketing strategies and success measurement methods. Every action should reach the highest success and provide a benefit for our customer.


The process:

All seminars are 1-day-workshops which will be conducted by our consultants in your offices or at the location of your choice. If requested, we can provide rooms in our headoffice in Frankfurt. All seminars are arranged for small groups with up to 20 people. This guarantees an activ participation of each person within the seminar and a higher training effect.


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