Lauenburg Region:

A fundamental repositioning, including the implementation of the programme

„We utilised PM&P both for the development as well as for the implementation of measures for the targeted marketing of our location. From the first minute of the project, the PM&P-approach aimed at integrating all players of the region's economic development, but also the companies in the region.More than 100 interviews guaranteed that the measures suggested were really demand-oriented, and at the same time improved the image and awareness of the region.

What's particularly compelling with PM&P is the unique combination of expertise and communicative skills, which is an important success factor for any economic development project."

PM&P Reference Werner HesseWerner Hesse
Managing Director
Economic Development Agency
in the Duchy of Lauenburg (WFL GmbH)
Junkernstr. 7 | 23909 Ratzeburg | Germany
Tel. +49 45 41 - 8 60 40