Seminar #1:
"Lead generation with state-of-the-art tools and methodologies"


  • Basic Trends in Foreign-Direct-Investment (FDI)
  • Decision-making process in FDI
  • Needs of potential investors
  • FDI-decision making processes
  • Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM)
  • CRM Databases
  • Different marketing tools for lead generation
  • Direct approach / direct marketing
  • One-to-one marketing
  • Key-account-management
  • Events and Networking
  • Intermediaries Networking
  • Marketing Mix Planning
  • Summary & Case Study
Our Goals:
Our goal is to provide every participant a detailed overview of the different marketing tools for direct approach and customer-relationship-management. We want to help our participants to achieve their goals by using the most efficient tools for their actions and gaining the highest success. 
The Process:
All seminars are 1-day-workshops which will be conducted by our consultants in your offices or at the location of your choice. If requested, we can provide rooms in our headoffice in Frankfurt. All seminars are arranged for small groups with up to 20 people. This guarantees an activ participation of each person within the seminar and a higher training effect.


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