Investment Promotion: Integrated Marketing for FDI

PM&P services basically comprise 4 parts: Lead Generation, Intermediaries (Multiplier) Networking, Event Marketing as well as PR & Image Building.

You may choose from a wide range of services, which fulfill your specific needs and resources:

Pure Lead Generation

We concentrate as much as possible on pure lead generation, acting as a local partner for your Investment Promotion Agency. After a minimum of analyses and concept development, we will directly approach potential investors as an external marketing department of your agency, but invisible for the potential investors, as we act as being part of your organisation.

Integrated Marketing Programme

We provide you with a comprehensive and very intensive marketing programme, maximising potential from lead generation, intermediaries (multipliers) networking, events, PR and Image building, or parts of these instruments. You will benefit from flexibly utilising this wide range of services from ONE SINGLE SOURCE. This package will provide a maximum on investment promotion intensity, while PM&P is also working invisibly for potential investors.

Full Representation of your region

We provide your agency with a full representation in Germany, including office, infrastructure and personnel. We are acting officially and visibly as part of your organisation, while we still remain a service provider to which the investment promotion services are outsourced. The range of service may be a selection of lead generation, intermediaries networking, events, PR, etc. depending on your demand and resources. There is no better way to quickly establish a local investment promotion infrastructure with a maximum on efficiency and flexibility.

If you would like us to provide you some reference contacts for these packages, just let us know.