Intermediaries Networking:

Partnerships for Synergies

Intermediaries (multipliers for investment contacts) are a high-value source of contacts to FDI projects – a fact that is often underestimated. PM&P has developed a comprehensive network to intermediaries in Germany since more than 10 years.

PM&P has learned a lot about developing a promising concept for cooperation with intermediaries. Such "Give-and-Take"-scenarios are the key to benefit in terms of FDI.

Typical intermedaries are consultants, lawyers, banks, venture capital firms, real estate consultants, sector communities or organizations for foreign business development. PM&P collects all information in the PM&P CRM Database, including details on the organisations' needs and preferences, as well as possibilities for cooperation.

PM&P's intermediaries networking is often tied to the event marketing and PR / Image Building activities. Intermediaries can contribute to organising successful events and often provide useful assistance for image building measures.