Lead Generation:

Efficiently attracting investors

PM&P's mix of state-of-the-art tools and instruments has been brought to perfection. The key tools and assets are:

CRM Database:
  • PM&P has developed a huge database of more than 85.000 companies, with more than 148.000 decision makers. It's a unique resource of information which undergoes daily updates.
Personal Relationships:
  • During the last years, PM&P has developed personal relationships with the top management of nearly all major companies in Germany, as well as with important fast-growing SMEs.
Business Scenarios:
  • PM&P is highly experienced in developing the appropriate business scenarios for each target group- a key success factor to achieve attention, interest and confidence among investors.
  • PM&P uses multiple channels to generate leads, including direct contacts by post, by fax, by phone, by email as well as by personal networking on fairs, conferences, own events and in online-communities.
Target Group Analyses:
  • PM&P's initiatives are based on an overall strategy that is usually developed by PM&P together with the client. This includes a very precise target group analysis.
Reporting and Project Management:
  • PM&P works in a close cooperation with its clients, often for a long period of time. That's why PM&P pays high attention to an efficient reporting and project management, utilising a state-of-the art web-based project management software providing our clients with real-time information on the status of the project and each of its jobs.

The PM&P resources are based on the core asset and instrument - the CRM database. The major resources around are a small call center for comprehensive contact measures, a key-account-team for high-potential leads, a PR- and marketing planning team as well as the project management for the whole programme.