PR & Image Building:

Improving perceptions and knowledge on your location

Public Relations and Image Building are major drivers for the investment promotion process, especially in a long-term marketing programme, but also in short-term sector specific initiatives. PM&P provides the services necessary to analyse and improve the perception and knowledge of your region among the relevant business community.

PM&P has successfully supported the image building process of several national Investment Promotion Agencies, including both the analysis of the image with image studies and the targeted PR measures within the German business community.

Image Studies

  • Opinion Research within the German business community, on the perception of locations as a potential target for investment.
  • Large image studies conducted already for Sweden, Finland, Italy and other regions.
  • Regular in-depth analyses of decision making processes in the German Industry.
  • Results of the study have been published in a comprehensive PR campaign including press conferences, „road shows" and Radio / TV interviews.

Public Relations

Besides publishing results of image studies, PM&P provides a valuable PR service in the framework of its investment promotion campaigns. Subjects of the publications could be

  • sector-specific news about the location published in sector magazines
  • event-related publications prior to the event and after it
  • publishing success stories of investments

The specialised, niche expertise of PM&P in investment promotion delivers results in PR which are difficult to achieve for non-specialised PR-agencies.