Revitalizing Locations:

turn divestment into new investment

PM&P is one of the few European specialists for revitalizing locations, caring for sites which are faced with a close-down of factories. PM&P has the necessary experience to cope with inevitable divestment and e.g. minimise the loss of jobs by attracting new investors. But furhermore, to take it as a basis for new future-oriented investment for the benefit of all parties involved.

PM&P has assisted both companies forced to close down sites as well as the regional development authorities responsible for the re-development of the area. The concepts and implementation of these projects lead to new investment and to a new chance of repositioning of the location.

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PM&P Reference ALSTOM PM&P's Investment Programme for Alstom Germany - D'fakto Interview with the Head of the Board of Directors Alstom Germany, Wilhelm Heitmann (in German)

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