Regional Development

PM&P is one of Europe‘s most experienced consulting companies for Investment Promotion Agencies. PM&P can build on nearly 40-years-track-record in attracting foreign direct investment for agencies worldwide.

Marketing Consulting

PM&P is assisting companies developing current and new markets. Our combination of research and consulting services provide our clients with a unique support for their strategic and operative decisions in existing and new markets.

Marketing Research

PM&P MARKET RESEARCH is a business unit of PM&Partner Marketing Consulting GmbH specializing in Market Research for the Healthcare Industry, and, on a broader scale, in Business-to-Business Research.

PM & Partner Marketing Consulting GmbH (PM&P) is an independent consulting firm, consisting of marketing professionals and marketing research specialists.

The company provides strategic and operative marketing and business development support to industrial companies, as well as to investment promotion institutions. PM&P is part of a worldwide network of independent Consulting and Market Research companies.